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Gregory Hoag of Metaforms Ltd. has discovered a process capable of transducing and focusing energy from the highest levels of consciousness through a pendant. It is composed of antenna systems on circuit boards. Viewed as a piece of fine jewelry it may be adorned with genuine rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The design is unique and people are attracted to its beauty, however beyond the aesthetics most people feel the energy coursing through it and discover it to be unlike any other energetic tool that they have ever experienced. We 100% guarantee that you will too.

Changes in the body are immediately felt. Ron Henry, D.C., N.D. Cert. Acupuncturist has found through kinesiology testing that the pendant has a balancing effect on whatever major chakra disturbance is happening in the person at that time. The pendant energy moves on further to begin opening areas of blockage, which Dr. Henry has found, occurs simultaneously with soothing areas of stress. This is a tool of major transformation.

Just think, you could be directly linked to the energies of creation, which may facilitate healing, balancing and higher consciousness. This is not another feel good tool, but a channel of life force energy for physical and spiritual transformation. It enhances your ability to understand and manifest your soul purpose.

Noni K. didn’t feel anything the first few minutes then her rough edges disappeared and she felt comfortable in the crowd of people where we met. She later shared the pendant at a class with a Sufi-healing teacher who commented: “First violet light comes into a person’s aura then the heart chakra starts to open. The energy is really pure and after the heart it moves to the weakest chakra to create balance.” Noni K. sold half a dozen pendants at that class and has felt very focused and accomplished more in her business since wearing the e.Pendant.

Jill M., Bob W. and others have commented that they experience lucid dreaming and understand their dreams as soon as they wake up.

Each face of the double-sided e.Pendant has a distinct energy when pointed toward the body. Choose the Star Face for an active, external and higher mental experience. The Earth Face is more receptive, grounding and heart centered in nature. Christine V.C. discovered that her intuitive work and massage therapy was enhanced by the Earth Face being toward her body, however while doing errands in an unfamiliar part of town she found that the Star Face inward helped her focus and feel more guided, confident and present. Meditation and relaxation also came much easier and more quickly to her and others who were wearing the Pendant.

Gregory Hoag began combining pyramids and Sacred Geometry with spiritual practices over 30 years ago. In 1985 he started offering his energetic tools through Metaforms Ltd. Since then he has lectured on TV and radio as an authority on the use of geometric antenna systems for improving consciousness and health.



Connect to your divine nature like never before with sacred geometry!

“Now you can own advanced sacred geometry technology that increases your energy and activates your life purpose”

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The Heart Companion Pendant

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