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Our purpose is to facilitate the spiritual evolution of all forms of consciousness, including human beings and planet earth.

Everything taught by most motivational and self-help speakers and authors is put forth with the understanding that changes in an individual happen due to sustained focus and action that occurs on one or more of the following levels: physical; emotional; mental and/or spiritual. What in turn supports all of these different aspects of a human being is pure life force energy. This is an aspect of the energy that is made available via the e. Pendant. The influx of energy facilitates positive movement and transformation on all of the before mentioned levels and most importantly creates a coherent alignment with soul.

The connection with soul is key and is the reason why the energy is properly directed in each individual. An additional explanation is similar to muscle testing where the body knows and reports its needs. Thus the different aspects of the body (emotional and mental as well) likewise understand what is necessary to create balance and allow refined levels of energy to move through all the levels and into the earth. Just as water falling on a mountain makes its way to the sea. Thus the vibrational frequency of the body is raised as higher self makes more inroads into our life.

Person after person is reporting similar experiences:
_ reduction of stress and tension
_ it’s easier to create and manifest intent
_ more mental clarity and more focus
_ the heart is more open, more love is felt and the rough edges of life disappear
_ all chakras are balanced and blockages start dissipating
_ speaking happens more directly and in agreement with ones truth
_ a sense of seeing the Divine play in all actions and dreams occurs
_ coincidences and intuition increase
_ greater alignment with purpose and goals

  1. What are the centers of the e. Pendant? They are fiberglass disks, the same material used for circuit boards and are necessary for insulating the individual antenna systems. The patterns are copper bonded to the fiberglass, with nickel and gold plating. There are antenna systems inside the e.Pendant as well. You can see them when you look closely. Also inside is an alchemical mixture of different minerals. Water won’t damage the piece although we don’t recommend bathing with it. A damp cloth or mild cleaner may be used to clean your e. Pendant. A jewelry cleaning cloth may be used on the outside metal ring, however don’t machine polish the gold plated silver.
  2. Are the stones glued on? No, they are silver soldered onto the boards for greater strength and in the tradition of fine jewelry.
  3. Are there two different e. Pendant designs? No, there are two sides (the Earth Face and the Star Face) like a coin to every e. Pendant. Each side offers a different energetic experience. See the explanation on the back of the color sheet.
  4. Can I get one without stones? Yes, however we recommend at least two stones that are located in the middle of each side. By soldering these two stones together on a post the two sides are held together more strongly and their addition increase the power of the piece to receive and transmit the energy.
  5. Is it possible to add more stones later? Yes. You can add more stones at a later date if you would like.
  6. Do the type of metal and the stones make a difference? So much energy is coming through the e. Pendant that it reduces the energy of the stones and metal to a negligible level. So choose what is attractive to you so you feel good about the Pendant and will wear or carry it with you always. Don’t make the choices difficult. You can’t go wrong. Choose the outside ring that you like and then add a stone in the middle of the front and then the back. Add more stones if you wish. Our website-www.metaforms.net—has large pictures of each side with the ability to view any of the stones, see what it looks like and have the total cost figured for you as well.
  7. What does the e. stand for in the name? Energy, earth, environment, elevate, enlightenment, electromagnetic, everything…You may add more e’s (pun intended)
  8. Does the e. Pendant reduce the effects of electromagnetic pollution? Yes it does, however that is less than 2% of what it is capable of doing.
  9. Gold Vermeil is a form of gold plating.  It is a phrase that defines (or should define- some dealers may not deliver what they are supposed to) the thickness of the gold (100 mils ) and the nature of the base metal underneath, which must be Silver or Sterling silver for the moniker “vermeil” to be used.  Now even though the base metal is silver, in order for it to be plated by the electrolysis method a layer of copper is plated 1st over the silver so an even coat is created- then nickel is plated next for the hardness, shine and to keep the copper from migrating into the gold which is the final coating.  We use 100 mils of pure 24k gold for our final covering.
  10. How long will the plating last? The outer ring is layered with 100 mils of gold (as of 8/01/02). The industry standard for pendants is 10 to 20 mils so the e. Pendants have up to ten times more gold. When layered over Sterling Silver, as is the case with the e. Pendant, it is referred to as vermeil (pronounced ver-may) and meets FTC required standards to use this classification. We have created one of the strongest coatings of gold possible, however some people’s skin chemistry is very hard on metals. Thus, it is impossible to predict the life expectancy, however with proper care it is our intention that the e. Pendants last a lifetime.
  11. Polishing Bronze forms: All bronze patinas, it is a normal process of bronze reacting to oxygen. Once your Metaform begins to patina it may still have a partial coating with lacquer and that needs to be removed first with lacquer thinner or an abrasive pad such as a medium or fine grade Scotch Brite pad or fine steel wool (test and see if the polish works first without going through this step).  Then use a good brass polish which is usually a paste or liquid.  Use a soft cloth and follow directions given.


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