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"Geometry existed before creation" —Plato


The e.Pendant

Welcome to Metaforms. 2013 is our 28th year in business.  We’ve been so successful because our products work. They have worked to positively change thousands of lives over the years. We offer a 100% guarantee that you will experience the same wonderful benefits in your life.

We create beautiful life transformational jewelry, Sacred Geometric energy sculptures and unique crystal tools for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting intent, increasing intuition and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.

My name is Gregory Hoag and I’m the founder of Metaforms. I have been researching Sacred Geometry and consciousness for more than 40 years.  My alignment with Archangel Metatron was accelerated by a series of Kundalini experiences in the early 80’s. The ensuing deep connection has resulted in a commitment to facilitating spiritual evolution for all beings. Weekly I’m flooded with new information and tools for transformation. Trying to keep up with this creative flow is my challenge and bringing it to you is my opportunity.

We offer free trials and time payment plans for all of our work, so explore what’s new for you:

Introducing the


1. Love and connection is what the I.Connect is about. It establishes a field of life positive connections to enhance our vitality, health and conscious awareness. It supports us as we transform our lives and give our gifts to the world.

•Increased vitality, creativity and joy.

•A sense of knowing that all is well.

    •Intuition so keen, you know what to do and do it without procrastination.

    •Enhanced communication and better understanding in your relationships.

    •Feeling a purposeful sense of connection with your family, community and world.

    •Greater sense of peace for you and those around you. Feeling spiritually centered.

The e.Pendant

Multi-Gem e.Pendant

2. Our  e.Pendant – rated by many as the most powerful transformational pendant they have ever worn is now further energized by the addition of our new Metaforms Matrix, created in a vacuum chamber with an electron beam it extends the recharge time of the pendant well into the next millennium.


2. My chapter, “The Sacred Geometric Keys to 2012” in the new book “Transforming through 2012”.  Books purchased through us include access to additional audio, video and webinar components.

3. A half dozen new Geometric Metaforms have been added to our classic collection.      

4. Many of our forms are now available in sterling silver, ½” mini size, perfect for necklaces and earrings. However the energy is big, because of the addition of our new Metaforms Matrix to each piece.


Call us at 1-888-978-2737 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for personal help in choosing your next step for manifesting the life you choose.


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 What the e.PENDANT can do for you:

The e.Pendant is an incredibly potent tool for personal growth. I feel more centered, calm and less stressed. I also manifest things into physical reality more powerfully than ever before.”

– Richard Gerber, M.D., Vibrational Healing




Be empowered to manifest your intent

  • Magnify the flow of Divine Love and Joy
  • Receive answers and support from Source
  • Increase your vitality and mental clarity
  • Reduce stress, anxiety & negative thoughts
  • Raise consciousness and understanding
  • Be able to see yourself and make changes
  • Expand your intuition and synchronicities
  • Overcome fears and dissolve blockages
  • Improve health and well being

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